…got leadership

She’s a local news storytelling expert and an Emmy award winning journalist. You can catch her anchoring WATE 6 On Your Side News weekday evenings. She’s also the station’s director of storytelling. In this management position Dashe leads a 10 session storytelling workshop training producers, photographers, reporters, and newsroom managers on shooting, writing, and editing techniques. The virtual storytelling workshops she leads are being rolled out to Nexstar news stations across the country, the largest parent company of local television stations in the US. Her goal is to make sure visual storytelling efforts make an impact on the community.

…got media training

She also teaches media and interview training to college staff, first responders, and hospital employees. Over her 15 year career in journalism she has gained experience in print, digital, and broadcast from The Dallas Morning News to ABC News. She is skilled in media ethics and is the go-to manager for tough ethical discussions and decision making.

…got advocacy

You’ll often find her speaking publicly about Dysautonomia, a chronic illness she developed when she was 26. Her advocacy and awareness efforts have led to viral recognition for an under diagnosed condition. Dashe will tell you journalism is the purpose she chose in life and disability advocacy is the purpose life chose for her. This diagnosis changed her life and perspective dramatically. It is her honor to help those who suffer from similar conditions by using her shooting, editing, writing, and public speaking skills.

Summer looks forward to hearing from you and hopes you’ll reach out with job opportunities, speaking or training engagements, or just to say hello.

Notable Advocacy Work

Available for in-person or virtual speaking opportunities

Make Yourself Worth Your Limitations

October 17, 2020
Dysautonomia International
Summer Dashe was the Emcee and featured speaker at an international conference for patients with Dysautonomia and the doctors who treat them. She spoke about navigating a demanding and public career with POTS to thousands of people around the world.

I believe in truth telling as a journalist, but I lie about my chronic illness

May 27, 2020

As a member of the largest and most impactful journalism organizations in the country, Summer writes about succeeding in the workplace while managing a chronic illness and why managers shouldn’t shy away from hiring those with disabilities.

Diagnosed with POTS and still anchoring the news

November 13, 2019

Journalism is the purpose Summer chose in life, but POTS advocacy is the purpose life chose for her. This is the original health story that gained viral recognition around the world, led to much needed education across the medical field, and earned an Emmy nomination.