“Summer Dashe represents what is good and great in broadcast journalism. We have been very pleased to have worked with Summer. The relationship she built with us has been mutually beneficial. From a law enforcement perspective, we have usually kept the news media at a distance, but Summer’s charming personality, character, and integrity allowed us to work comfortably with her. We have grown close with Summer. Summer has always used an objective approach when presenting the news and often our stories, collecting both sides and independent sources in addition to us. I have seen Summer in the field, alone without a camera person, during ice and snow, hard rain, and in the aftermath of the Van Zandt Co. Tornado that hit Van, Texas on Mother’s Day in 2015. Summer would often be imbedded with our deputies and other law enforcement officers as they were working accidents, performing swift water rescues, or protecting the public in general. When you combine everything that is Summer Dashe and her passion for her job, the news watching public benefits the most. We are sad she is leaving East Texas and hope she returns, real soon.”
Bob Keltner, Chief Deputy
Van Zandt Co. Constable Pct.4

“In my long career, I have worked with many media representatives and journalists. Summer possesses an intuition and business acumen well beyond her years. She clearly understands that professional relationships with sources are the key to making all involved feel their point of view is captured and reported. Summer is a woman of her word and she is all about ethics. Some journalists are willing to sacrifice feelings and reputations in order to broadcast a story. That is not Summer. She is: solid, solid, solid!”
Dan Finkelstein, Police Chief
Whitehouse, Texas Police Department

“We are very proud to say we know and love Summer like a member of our family. She interviewed our son at a time in our lives that was very important and also very emotional to us. Our son was special needs and he trusted her immediately. He even brought her back a signed Britney Spears poster! She was very professional, kind and caring with us. If you talked to her about how something would be portrayed she explained it to you. I feel not only is she an exceptional news reporter she is also an exceptional person and whomever gets her as an employee is very lucky.”
Janet and Allen Russom
Parents of Cory Moraw